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Stalbridge & Marnhull Veterinary Surgery

Tel 01963 548240

Stalbridge & Marnhull Veterinary Surgery


Stalbridge and Marnhull Vets is a very small, privately owned, independent practice offering friendly, personalised veterinary care to your family pet.

It is owned and run by vets, David and Sally Scott - each of whom has 25 years experience in general practice - with the help of practice administrator, Vicki, and receptionists, Di and Megs.

We understand a poorly animal is a great worry, and we aim to make him or her better as quickly as possible.

To make your visit to us as stress-free as possible we offer -

- a large secluded car park, in a peaceful rural location off the main road, allowing you to walk/carry your pet from your car to our door in complete safety.

- a light, airy, air-conditioned waiting area, where you can sit with your pet and relax.

- half hour appointment slots, giving you lots of time to tell the vet your concerns and for the vet to discuss in detail their findings and the treatment options.

- only a few staff, so you will almost always see the same receptionist and vet, allowing you to get to know us and us to provide continuity of treatment.

To make your pet’s visit to us as stress-free as possible -

- we will always treat your animals kindly and never make them do anything they do not want to do.

- if any procedure is required that might be painful or make your pet frightened, we will take a “fear-free” stance and give him/her an injection of a mild sedative first, with you present.

We can then perform the procedure whilst your pet is perfectly relaxed and not frightened. These procedures include blood testing, tissue sampling, x-rays, ear/throat/skin examinations and removal of small lumps/stitching up of small wounds.

When the procedure is finished, your pet will recover in a large kennel and will then be able to go home.

- where possible we only perform one procedure per day so our kennel area is a nice, quiet, peaceful, non-frightening space.

The surgery is situated between Stalbridge and Marnhull at Gibbs Marsh Farm Buildings and offers ample parking right outside the door.


Opening hours are as follows:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays - 9am to 5.30pm

Consultations with the vet are by appointment - to arrange a time, please telephone 01963 548240.

When we are closed, if you need urgent advice or 24 hour emergency assistance, please telephone Longmead Vets on Shaftesbury 01747 852064 - for more details, click on the out of hours link above.



Stalbridge & Marnhull Veterinary Surgery

Building 12, Gibbs Marsh Farm



DT10 2RU


01963 548240