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Stalbridge & Marnhull Veterinary Surgery

Tel 01963 548240

We aim to provide:

A personalised service 
All animals have different lifestyles, not to mention particular likes and dislikes, and where possible we tailor our treatments to each individual case. All owners are different too, and consideration is always given to personal budgets and expectations. 

Continuity of care
For animals with ongoing health problems it is vital to retain continuity of care; and with only two vets working on alternate days, this is easily achieved. 

The safest treatments 
We use the most up-to-date drugs to keep unwanted side-effects to a minimum. We also use reduced vaccination schedules (as recommended by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association) and targeted parasite control to avoid overloading your pet’s system with foreign molecules. Additionally, we offer coherent light therapy to help heal recalcitrant wounds and treat sprains and arthritis.
Dr Sally Scott
Dr David Scott